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anyone follow this?

if so , is it any good...?

after '24' nothing on TV seems worth :cool:
Watched the first few episodes of the first series. It was weird. Missed a couple and then never bothered getting back into it.
Its excellent, I would definitely recommend it.

Takes a bit of getting into, its not your usual run of the mill programme.

But stick with it and you will see some great episodes.

Great programme. I my opinion almost all of the first season episodes could have at least 4/5 rating. The dialogue is first class.

Suprising to think that Bryan Fuller, used to be a writer on Voyager.
Anyone know when its coming back, 2nd series? as my missus really liked it.
I thought they had already shown two series on sky? I do not think there was a break between them or not much of one I may be wrong, I think I only missed one episode. Takes a little getting in to but was v-funny at times.
No it was only series one, Had a look at the web site and the series 2 stuff all sounds new cant wait for it to come back
Yup Season 2 aint been shown yet, ive been waiting about a year for it now (i downloaded every episode of the first season last year) cant wait for the new season...

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