Dead Island 2 Released 01/04/2015


I couldn't see a thread for this (unless I missed it)

Here's the E3 trailer

I wasn't keen on the first one, but the trailer caught my attention, I think the second is going to be a bit more laid back and not take itself seriously.

An interview with devs kinda confirms my suspicions and the new route they want to take with the game

It's available to pre-order on PSN for £54.99 with a release date of 01/04/2015
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April fool....if you buy this one i reckon. Last couple were terrible.

shaolin kid

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I am sorry but I myself fell for the hype of the last game trailer and it was......... A big dogs jobbie, so not this time


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Ye i liked di1 so I reckons it's an easy purchase!

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