Dead Graphic Card with old AM2 motherboard system

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My graphics card in my desktop has stopped working - no display on a perfectly working monitor. So I'm looking to get a cheap graphics card to replace it. I do some gaming but nothing graphics intensive like fps or whatever.

The now dead graphics card was an ATI Radeon Saphire X1650 Pro with 512 MB memory. I was pretty happy with that so not looking for a huge upgrade but it did have problems playing Tropico 3 so I would like a different card rather than the same model.

Motherboard is an Abit KN9 SLI - an old AM2 motherboard. The website linked there says it has a PCI-E x16 slot. Will current generation graphics cards work in there? Or do they use a different connection. Some guy in a computer shop suggested I might struggle to find a replacement that works with the motherboard.

Many thanks for your help.



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Suggest looking at a AMD (ATI) card in the HD6xxx or HD7xxx range.

A budget always helps to get a better response.

What OS are you running.

The Wagster

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Thanks for the suggestions. I'll look them up. So will the current crop of graphics cards work with that PCI-Ex16 slot or have they got a new standard connection?

Budget is as cheap as possible! Less than £50 if possible!

It's currently on XP and Ubuntu dual boot but it died just as I was about to stick Windows 8 on it.

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