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Reviewed by Chris McEneany, 6th February 2009
Gary Sherman's Dead & Buried is a cult classic horror from an era that spawned possibly far too many of them. The Twilight Zone meets H.G Lewis, Sherman’s film is a grisly genre bunk-up that doesn’t hold water when put to the test, but more than gets by on sheer shock-value, mystery and an all-round, pervading “creepiness”. James Farentino chews his way through a role that is endlessly encircled by deceit, enigma, suspicion and painful revelation. His trademark expression of dumb incomprehension suits his character perfectly, even if he does seem to be the most useless town sheriff in the movies. Jack Albertson relishes his doddery-Dobbs part and lends the film a touch of sinister class that goes a long way to smoothing over the “huh’s”, the “but how’s” and the “well, whys” of the plot. And Stan Winston's effects, barring that pathetic acid-drop dummy head (which he didn't actually do, anyway), are still pretty effective.

The transfer for Blu-ray will almost certainly create much head-scratching. It doesn’t look at all hi-definition. But it does add detail, slightly more depth and shadow and a consistency that is faithful to Sherman’s and Poster’s original cinematography. The audio is a different story and Blue Underground loses points for ditching the original mono track and stitching us up with a series of poor bogus-surround options. The extras, however, are fine. With commentary tracks that delve deep into the production, a fun look at Winston’s makeup fx and a light-hearted chat with Robert Englund and a more serious, yet infinitely dafter one with Dan O'Bannon, fans of the film will be happy enough. Whether or not this warrants an agreeable upgrade over the SD edition is difficult to say. But that disc was a limited issue and there are many out there who may be coming fresh to this movie. Thus, if you haven't already got it, this BD release would certainly be the one to go for. If you have, however … hmmm … you really aren't gaining a great deal, to be honest. The image is better, but not by much.

Your call.

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Novice Member
Blue Underground is a great company,must have bought all their more esoteric titles on DVD.

Not sure about the upgrade potential of this one though.

Good review.:thumbsup:

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