Dead 5 month old LG and Currys help?



Hey there, was just curious on where I stand with this matter, about 3 weeks ago my LG 32lx2r decided it did not want to switch from composite to Rgb anymore on AV1. So rang my "whatever happens" support number and a week later they came out with a new tuner board, spent an hour of my time sitting about whilst they swapped them over, but when I plugged it in to check it AV1 is now pink, no other colour but pink!!!!!

Fair do's I can live with AV2 for a week or so till they get a new part again! But to day I watching away and all of a sudden the tv turns itself off, then back on, then off, then on etc, just sounds like a relay click, no picture and nor response from remote, so it has to be turned off from the mains!

Now I paid 900 quid for this tv 5 month ago, and already its been repaired (attempted!!) and now just gone off, so I dont really have much confidence left in this set at all, especially coming upto xmas, I need my Tv fix and dont want anymore of this happening!

So the question is where do I stand with Currys, ideally I want another brand Tv, any recomendations for about 900 quid??

But at the very least I want a replacement Lg the same day, none of this waiting around for a week or so crap, I want to go into the store and swap it right there and then, are currys obliged to do this, or will I just be wasting my time like the last time with them??

The set was bought in store if this will help!

Thanks for your help!!!!!
Chris (Tv'less!)


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This is a tricky one because a lot of what happens to you is down to the Manager of the branch.

If the set breaks down shortly after you buy it you can ask for a replacement, however after this sort of period a repair is the usual offer.

You have a number of options and two ways of dealing with it :-

You can pack it up and take it back to the store and make a fuss and hope a refund or exchange is offered.... But I suggest you pick a quiet period, go to the store and ask to see the Manager, explain the situation, the need for reliability over Christmas and see what he can do for you, ask him to help you. Resist the temptation to shout and take a diary and note down time and what is being said. I expect he will want you to give the repair company another go but they have already wasted your time and you may not have any more time available. Can he offer you a loan set? or a refund/credit note.

If this fails you can try the Manufacturer, see if their website has a contact - it may be worth sounding them out before you try for an exchange.

Finally you have trading standards...

Good Luck.


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I'm just in the process of getting an exchange with curry's on an LG plasma. Earlier in the year when my set first developed a fault the Currys Mastercare Dept didn't want to go and told me to go to LG who have looked after me since. Anyway the set has been a few times for repair and this last time I've had enough and gone into Curry's to demand a new set as that is my right. To be fair the Customer Service Manager has said she'll get an authorisation code from LG on Monday, then I can come in and choose another set for the same value I originally paid. So basically go in and demand to speak to either Store or C S Manager and bang on about the Sale of Goods Act and how it has been repaired a number of times and it is causing you inconvenience. This should get you sorted. Hope that helps.


Cheers for the advice, Ive just booked a day off work tomoz so I can sort this out, wish Id kept my good old crt now, 10 years and not a single glitch!!!!


Just and update on this, Ive been in touch with the whatever happens people and they wouldnt let me report my new fault till my old fault had been resolved, so Ive had to ring the tech guys place, asked when the part will be in stock and they reckon not next week but the week after!

Now the way I see it I reported my original problem on the 29th of november, its now the 12th of dec, which leaves them 8 days to repair this before it goes over the 21 day agreement, now theyve told straight that I wont get this part in 8 days, so why the hell dont they just give my a new tv, why :censored: me about when they know its not going to be repaied in 21 days!!

Also from the start of this Ive had to do all the riniging around to the customer support and the tech guys center, why cant they do this, they have phones for christ sake!

My local currys store from where I bought it from dont want to know, even though its only 5 month old and technically my contract is with them as they have supplied me this product, its beyond a joke now!

And to make matters worse when i kicked off and managed to get an engineer out this morning, he rang and said he'll be there at dinner time, not 10 mins later there head officve phone me up and tell me there cancelling the appointment, yet more hours wasted off work!

They didnt even have the courtesy to come to my house and make sure it wasnt something stupid and easily fixed!

Im absolutely disgusted!


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Phone Trading Standards.
Spot on and go back to the store. Tell them that you want a full refund. If they refuse, take the name of the store manager note what he says. Then get a form from the small claims court. If it gets to court YOU WILL WIN. They haven't got a leg to stand on, they just try to bully and ignore their customers.

Dixons group motto is ...Once it's sold it stays sold....I used to work for them I know :mad:


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Just to let you know that after my arguing with the store they have just called me telling me to come in and pick a new set. Stick to your guns.

P.S. Now I'm praying whatever I pick doesn't end up faulty as I don't think I could be bothered with all this hassle again.

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