De Longhi B2C problem. Help please.


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I've had this De Longhi Eletta bean to cup machine for about 2 years now. I've always used the same beans and have had the machine set on Extra Strong, on the 'My Coffee' setting. The same grind setting [the finest] also, since I've had it, and it's worked well. Recently though the machine has started struggling. The finished coffee is just dripping out very slowly. Also, the grounds are much wetter and there's a lot more waste water in the drip tray. If I set the gring to a slightly coarser grind, it works ok and the finished coffee comes out as it should. However the finished coffee is weaker and not to my taste.

I sent it off to De Longhi for a service and it worked ok [costing £130] for a couple of days after I got it back. But it's started going wrong again in the same way. Has anyone any ideas what might be wrong with it?

Many thanks for reading.


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