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I have an Asus p5ql pro motherboard that can support 4x4gb of DDR2 Ram

At the minute i have 2x2gb of g.skill 800 and would like to add another 4gb to make the most of 64bit windows 7

Is it worth getting another cheap mother board that supports DDR3 as DDR2 ram seems very expensive compared to DDR3


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If you wanted to buy a new board that supports ddr3 then you will need a cpu that supports ddr3 ram which I think is only the newer am3 socket ones so you would have to also upgrade your cpu aswell.


I doubt upgrading the motherboard and buying all new DDR3 RAM will be anything close to being as cheap as just getting 2x 2Gb of DDR2. So unless there are other reasons to upgrade the motherboard I would advise that you just get the DDR2 RAM.

As long as you get a motherboard that fits your CPU and with DDR3 RAM slots it will work - it isn't just AMD AM3 CPU's that work with it, I have DDR3 with my Intel i7 2600K and my previous C2D E6850 on an Asus P5-KC motherboard could use either DDR3 or DDR2.


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