DDR make much difference?


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Hi in video editing does 512 DDR instead of 256 DDR make much off a difference in rendering speed and the same for a graphics card best with one or without. What is best way off speeding up rendering speed. Thank you niccam


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If your editing video the more memory the better. I'd suggest no less than 1GB for a start.:)
Processor speed will also have a major effect on rendering which would be assisted by a higher end graphics card if you can afford one.


Memory is likely to be the single option to make the largest improvement in rendering times.
Another cheapish thing is if you are short of disk space then adding another disk should speed things up as if short of space a lot of processor time is waisted swapping files in and out of RAM. You should have around double the amount of disk space as the origional captured footage takes. Thats 1Gb for every 4 minutes or 14Gb per hour of footage. So you therefore need 30Gb per 60 minute DV/D8 tape captured.



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Thanks guys, having problems with burning on to PC DVD RAM and then trying to play in my PANASONIC E20 so far I have had no joy. I tried NERO 6 and VOB software with no joy, was told that NERO 6 would burn -vr but I had no joy as it did not give me that option,not sure if I have a restricted version, another point, is there any software out there that will convert any type off file so that you can use it in another program as ADOBE will not play on NERO 6.
Back to an eariler question in the forum if I get a graphics card say ATI 9200 with TV out [s-video] will that be an easiler way to do it and it will cut out all this burning to DVD RAM plus when I preview in ram in ADOBE I can render very quickly and using the TV out I can burn to ram using my E20 my projects will not be very big approx 4 -10mins . Thank you niccam


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Hi just to add this is what system I`m thinking off buying
AMD 2400/3000, 40/80 GB HD, 256/512 DDR, ATI 9200 128/256 DDR GRAPHICS CARD[ s-video in and out ] using s-video at moment. bearing on mind that approx 4 - 10 mins work and that maybe dont need such a large HD ? Yours niccam


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Hi can anyone help me on the above questions ;ie ATI 9200 with s-video out and the system I`m thinking off buying for the above projects. Thank you niccam

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