DD v 6Channel input

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Today I had a play with Pearl Harbor DVD on these 2 settings.

1.Dolby Digital 5.1 via Optical lead in CD/DVD mode.

2. 6 Channel input. Coaxial IXOS / Phono leads, I guess?

My set up is

Kenwood 5030 amp
Toshiba SD 520E DVD/ DVD A.
Paradigm sub
JPW minims Fronts
Wharfdale Flat Panels as Rears.
Gale Centre 10.

I thought the DD Optical sounded Fuller and the sub lit up the LFE
light in this mode.

6 channel the SW mode lit up on the amp not LFE.
The sound seemed inferior.

On the CD/DVD setting on the amp no sound was heard with the optical lead disconnected, so what does the coaxial do?

One thought I had was, with both an Optical lead and a Coaxial lead attached to the DVD and Amp what lead would the CD/DVD and amp need/Use.

I've read on here before the people recommend Coaxial v Optical connections so I'm a bit at a loss of what direction to take/ understand how to get the best sound.

All the best.
Rich Tee.


Greg Hook

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Just a bit confused, are you talking about the difference between you using a digital optical connection and a digital coaxial connection, or between optical and 6 x coaxial cables?


I love a sunflower

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Digital Optical v Digital Coaxial connection.

You see when I set the amp to CD/DVD and unplugged the optical lead there was no sound for the amp to output.

But Because the amp has the option of 6ch input, with the amp on this setting, the sound comes out but not as rich.

But with the CD/DVD amp setting on and the Optical lead, in the sound was richer.

What's usually the best connection?
How Does Digital coaxial work compared to Digital Optical?

Any Clearer?

Ian J

What you seem to be doing is comparing the sound using the decoder in the amplifier when you use the digital optical connector or the sound when using the decoder in the DVD player which is then output via the 6 channel leads.

If the sound is better when using the optical lead, keep using that and just use the analogue outputs for replaying DVDA discs

Ian J

You will have to tell the DVD Player what you want it to output. If you disconnect the optical lead you will need to change the settings in the dvd player to tell it that you now wish to output decoded Dolby Digital via the six analogue outputs.

You also need to change the input mode on the amp from DVD player to six channel input.

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