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I am using a Philips receiver and I have an optical cable for digital cable audio. I have selected "optical" under source on the receiver. When I watch a show/movie that supports 5.1 my receiver states either AC3 2 channel 0.0 or 3 channel 2.1. any advice on how to obtain 5.1? My understanding of optical cables is that they are all or nothing, but could the problem possibly be the optical cable?

Any help is appriciated.


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well, optical cables can carry stereo and 5.1....or 6.1 even.....

however i beleive some list 5.1 as 3/2.1 or something...cant remember how it goes....

are you sure the sources are definitely 5.1?....as in a DVD with Dolby Digital 5.1 track? (make sure it is 5.1 track as Dolby Digital has Stereo as well as 5.1)

also make sure if its a DVD for instance that the disc in the play it set to 5.1, some films seem to automatically set to Stereo, so use the discs setup menu to be sure...


Yeah, Even if I select 5.1 in the options on a DVD/Game it still displays either 2.1 or 0.0.
It seems that the 2 channel 0.0 is happening more and more.


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I've never seen 0.0 and don't even understand what it means.
No main channels and no LFE :confused:
I'm not being funny here, but are you sure it doesn't say DD instead of 0.0 ???

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Are you sure the source (e.g. DVD player settings) is set to output digital? DVD players can be set to "downmix" to 2 channels (for those using stereo amps), meaning you'll lose the 5.1 signal at source!

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