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I have a 7.1 set-up (from a speaker point of view) but something has occurred to me recently.

In the old days of PL (and thus I also presume PLII) the rear speakers were exactly that. Namely at the rear.

With the advent of DD the effects speakers are now positioned on the side walls.

In PL mode do the amps now send the effects channels to the correct speakers at the rear or does it compromise to accomodate both formats and just send them to the side?


My Denon 3802 give the option of a second set of surround speakers so you can have:

L/C/R at the front
surround rears (7.1 channels)
surround A - DD side channels
surround B - DPL rear channels

You can only have A or B running at any time as the amp is only 7 channel. This gives the best of both worlds (if you can afford 9 speakers + cables :eek: ).
DPL2 uses all the active speakers (be it sA or sB).
I only have 6.1 with no sB speakers. Now all I need is a lottery win for a room/bank balance big enough for 9.1:D



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I've a 3802 as well and you're right............ I'd forgotten all about that pssibility.
As a compromise its a pity that I cant direct the surround signal in DPLII mode to the surround back speakers.
Or can I ?


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The surround speakers can either be placed directly at the sides or further behind towards the corners of the room. Its the same layout for Dolby Pro-logic/PL2 as it is for Dolby/DTS 5.1.

The surround back speakers should be placed directly behind and ideally at least a meter from the listening position.

It can also be dependant on what type of speakers you have e.g dipoles/bipoles/tripoles/monopoles.


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Originally posted by MarkE19

You can only have A or B running at any time as the amp is only 7 channel.
You can have both Surround A & Surround B running at the same time, only thing is that they share the same amplification. It can also sound bad as there is so much going on at the rear of the room it buggers up the soundstage.

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