DD-DTS Demo/Test DVD


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Does anyone know if there are any Demo - Test DVD's available?

You know, the type of thing that you used to get for testing out your HI-Fi system, but in DVD format (i.e. Channel Identification, Speaker Phasing, Bass Tones, White Noise, etc, etc, and also including some picture/screen tests maybe?)

I'd like to get one to see how good my system is!!!



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Get the Avia setup disk. Has everything you need and more! You can order it for import (R1 only) or get it on a powerbuy from these forums....

Brilliant disk!


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I have the DTS 6 demo disk i pick up at bristol Hifi AV Show. theree are few others like ultimate DVD platinum.


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Hi shodun,,
where can I find powerbuy on this forum, sorry to be slow but cant find it to buy demo,


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