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    BEWARE !!

    Difficult to know what to believe on Trustpilot. It would appear that DC Digital report all negative reviews. They have reported my review which is reprinted below. An extremely suspect 5* review appeared soon after I had posted my review that took great pains to praise the very aspects of their operation that I had criticised !!

    I read a few reviews prior to ordering an expensive (£1799.99) Sony KD551A TV. THAT WAS A BIG MISTAKE !! I really should have known better and should not have taken a chance. I just wish I had done my usual due diligence prior to placing the order.

    Screen Shot 2017-11-26 at 12.12.03.png
    The above picture is on DC Digital's Facebook page. I leave you to draw your own conclusions as to the quality of the operation.

    The attitude of DC Digital when things go wrong is nothing short of disgusting. They have refused to pay for the cost of returning a faulty item CLAIMING THEY HAVE DONE NOTHING WRONG and glibly told me to take them to court !! Judge for yourselves from the following email that I sent them as to wether or not they did anything wrong.

    START OF MY EMAIL - As you can appreciate a very considerable amount of both my time and my sons has been wasted as a result of your companies incompetence. THE LINE ACCROSS THE SCREEN WHEN THE SET IS TURNED ON SHOULD HAVE BEEN DISCOVERED BY YOUR STAFF PRIOR TO DESPATCH. THE SCRATCHES AND MARKS ON THE SCREEN SHOULD ALSO HAVE BEEN DISCOVERED PRIOR TO DESPATCH.

    My son had to take half a day off work to return the faulty TV at considerable expense..Obviously this was a choice made by ourselves. Unfortunately the reason I wanted to be in full control of the return was due to a serious number of extremely negative Trustpilot reviews that question your return process in an appalling manner.

    Soon after placing my order I printed off your companies product grading details. On checking the grading details again during the last few days I notice for A- TV grading you have now added the words or screen. Its a massive shame that those important two words were missing when I placed the order as I would never have ordered a TV especially for close on £2000 with a damaged screen.

    Your conditions of return state that when a product is faulty that you will pay for the cost of the return. The cost of this debacle in terms of time wasted, lost wages and diesel runs into hundreds of pounds. I am prepared to take no further action providing that I receive a cheque for the sum of £125 during the next seven days which under the circumstances I feel is more than reasonable. I am sure that you would not like the details of this complaint posted online - END OF EMAIL

    THESE PEOPLE DO NOT LISTEN TO REASON.TAKE US TO COURT IS THEIR RESPONSE !! They even claim to have CCTV evidence showing that the TV was in perfect working order prior to despatch. Well it definitely wasn’t in perfect working order when it arrived. It is perfectly feasible that the TV could have been subjected to damage during transit from their premises to my address given that the packaging was in a disgraceful condition. Most of the polystyrene mouldings were broken and crumbling which obviously reduced there effectiveness.The condition of the packaging gave the very clear impression that the TV had been in and out of the box on numerous occasions which is clearly at loggerheads with their website A- description. ALSO AND VERY IMPORTANTLY THERE WAS NO SCREEN PROTECTOR OR PROTECTIVE BAG FOR THE TV. During a somewhat heated subsequent telephone conversation they refused to accept that this was a justifiable reason for them to pay the cost of returning the faulty item. It should also be noted that the only reason they eventually responded to my email was because the managing director took exception to a private message my son posted on Facebook. The managing director then asked one of his staff to contact me threatening police action which was laughable considering the content of the message. I got so fed up listening to this incredibly annoying individual that my eventual response was uncharacteristically lacking in charm !!

    I have now ordered the same television from a reputable high street retailer. It has cost me a few hundred pounds more and I just wish I had done that in the first place. The only good news to come out of this messy saga is that I was able to take advantage of a Black Friday deal and Sony's £300 CASH BACK PROMOTION. The overall result was the same TV worked out to be £600 cheaper than when I originally ordered the graded TV from DC Digital. The company are also a pleasure to do business with.

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