dBpowerAMP easier than EAC - apparently not?


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Currently trying the trial of Reference as many have said it's much easier/better than EAC. I must admit I did'nt find EAC hard to set up but I do prefer the interface of dBPowerAMP.

There is one problem I'm having however, even at the first CD rip (despite it being easier to set up by all acoounts) and that is that I have just ripped a CD and on the dBpowerAMP rip screen all the tracks were listed in the right order. However, when I've gone to use Foobar to play the album the tracks are in the wrong order??? Seemingly because the tracks have been ripped with a tag using 1/15, 2/15 and 10/15 etc. Most programmes I suspect (and Foobar included) seem to read the 10/15 as coming before 2/15. As such the album is out of synch on playback.

Given that generally one would expect an album by default to play in the order it was pressed it seems odd that this issue has cropped up, particularly given the indication that dbPowrAMP is supposed to be easier 'out of the box'.

So questions are:

a) Is there something that I already need to be tinkering with (making it less easy) to get the track numbering right?

b) Is this something I'm going to have to do for every album (in which case I doubt I'll continue with dbPowerAmp)?

c) Is this an issue caused by Foobar and the way it reads tracks or will it be the settings for dBpowerAMP that would cause the same issues across every player (e.g. Media Monkey)?

Must admit I'm quite surprised that this has cropped up. One thing with EAC is that there are a number of guides that do make setting it up less of a problem than some imply which is not the case with dBpowerAMP. I actually find the Help screen not particularly useful at all, particularly for something as basic as getting an album to rip so it plays in the right order.

I genuinely do prefer the look and functionality of this programme and the AMG plug-in and I would like to continuue to use it but if it's this 'Easy' I might end up going back to EAC.


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See the response in the other thread. Using 1/11, 2/11 is daft and will confuse things. The TRACKNUMBER tag is supposed to be a number (integer) anyway - although you can put anything in there, it should be a number without characters like '/'). You dont need to know how many other tracks the album contains anyway.

TRACKNUMBER should be a number with a leading zero - 001, 002, 003. 10 will often come before 02.


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I know it's daft. Unfortunately it seems to be the default settings and it took me an age to find how to change it which i now have. If it wasn't for the AMG album art of dbPoweramp I'd likely bin it

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