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I'm managing a video installation in an art gallery. I have a limited amount of AV knowledge, and am slightly confused by one issue: The artist wants to use a Tascam HS-P82 eight-track field recorder to output mixed 5.1 audio. The field recorder will also serve as master playback with the media server for video slaved to it via a Rosendahl MIF4 timecode interface.

HS-P82 | OVERVIEW | TASCAM - United States

We have two x Audac DPA154 amps and a 5.1 Tannoy speaker system ready to playback the audio.

My question is - how will we get 6 discreet channels of audio out of the Tascam HS-P82? It has only one pair of stereo xlr outputs but 8 AES/EBU inputs and outputs via a DB-25 connector. Can I simply use a DB-25 to eight xlr loom plugged into the amps? Or is this a digital output only?

Any advice greatly appreciated!

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I don't have the knowledge to answer your question sorry, hopefully someone else will.

However, just a tip, my power amp is connected by multiple RCAs to a DB-25. Worth noting that there are different pin configurations used within DB-25 connectors. So you need to make sure, if you use it, that your cable and plug is configured as the component is with the DB-25 socket. :)


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Thanks for your reply. I don't suppose this block diagram helps? It looks like getting 8 outs might be possible, but I was wondering if they can be converted simply to analogue xlr...


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