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Discussion in 'Home Cinema Buying & Building' started by Ryan_O, Aug 27, 2006.

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    I have had my eyes and heart set on the new Toshiba 37wlt68 TV since it was first announced and with the 100hz pic processing and 3 HDMI ins, I don't think anyone could make me think of not getting one at the end of the year.

    My problem though is that I now have a sore head after looking and looking and reading and reading about AV amps and speakers but I just cannot seem to find one that seems to stand out from the crowd.

    Can anyone recommend an amp/speaker combi or seperates which they have read about or have first hand experience of?? By budget isn't huge, perhaps £500 or so. I am perfectly happy with my Panny DVD Recorder EMS-20D as The freeview and multi region is great so don't need a complete 'all in one' but an amp/speaker package is certainly considered.

    Sorry for sounding like a girl for this but as this is going in our living room (live with my girlfriend) looks are pretty important so big bulky speakers may be lower down on a list of potentials...

    Thanks in advance for any advice!!!

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    Ive had the Denon surround system for a while now. See my setups below. This isnt a new system, but the speakers and sub are very living room friendly, and so is the sound by the way. Also the dvd player has prog scan and holds its own. try pricerunner.co.uk for a bargain!
    cheers pixel:)

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