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Dawn of War II Open Beta


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Not sure if there is really much interest on this title, but the Beta is open to the public, not sure for how long. You can download through steam.

I had a quick go and it seems a little bit more like Warcraft III.

It is interesting in that the units seem more powerful, but cost a lot more and there is no base building.

The graphics are really nice and the opening scene is well worth a look. Not sure the gameplay really matches the presentation values. I really liked the first one and played the first expansion a bit, from the few skirmish games I played not sure I could get hooked on this release.

Most probably need a few more goes to get the hang of it, but it seems like micro tastic gameplay, which I don't really like. Having click 50 times a second, is not that fun!


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Interesting you say that you liked the first, but aren't sure about this one. I really liked the first one and have been looking forward to this.

I'll have to give it a go over the weekend. Cheers for sharing your thoughts. :smashin:


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I had a bit more of a play today.

The singleplayer sounds pretty good from what I have heard, it is completely different to multiplayer, in that you have one squad and you build them up with wargear and the like. If that gets good reviews I might get it for that as I am bit of a Games Workshop sucker.

The multiplayer I definately won't buy it for. Just not my cup of tea. I actually enjoy base building, and although this removes the complaint about build queues making everything the same, it just doesn't feel right.

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