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I have a Sony DAVS800 connected to my Sony KV32-FQ75. On DVD playback only, the screen is filled corner to corner with 45-degree “stripes”. (Note this is not the same problem as the scrolling bar defect experienced on some KV32 devices). The stripes appear to be moving, however I think this is a result of some form of refresh rather than actually moving image.
The problem is particularly noticeable on darker scenes (e.g. Tim Finn Seven Worlds collide - live DVD). The stripes are apparent if the DVD is playing or paused.
Is this related to my SCART cable, inputs, TV refresh rate, or is it a faulty DAVS800?
Any advice appreciated!


What you are seeing is hum due to a poor earth or dirty connection.

Try waggling the ends of the scart to see if this has any effect it is most likely that the lead has a dry joint or the earth is broken

Hope this helps

Dave C


Hi Dave C
I tried as suggested however no change. I am using a decent SVIDEO to scart cable, that I bought around 1 year ago with the DAVS800.
Is my next step to try a different cable, only problem is that these are around £25+,


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