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I've had a multi-region DAVS550 since August last year. Its an excellent piece of kit, does everything my budget seperates system did in a quater of the space.

However, recently I've had problems with jumping video and pixellation. This seems to affect some DVDs more than others (Indiana Jones trilogy especially bad), but does seem to be happening on disks I am sure I have played before.

DVDs appear to work OK in my playstation , so dont think it is the disks - have cleaned them throughly.

Is there anything obvious I can try before resorting to packing it all up and sending it back to the supplier (PRC Direct) - do you get Laser head cleaners for DVD lenses like you used to for CDs - and do they work ?

Any help much appreciated by a 'newbie' on the forum....


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It may be as simple as dust on the lens but poor dvd drives is a common problem on a lot of sony systems. I would try a dvd lens cleaner and then vacuuming out the vents at the back in case its heat/dust related. Ultimately though a warranty repair may be necessary.


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Bought a DVD Lens cleaner today - will give it a go and see what happens. Player is behind glass in TV stand, by having said that I had to remove the back cover of the TV stand to accommodate my SKY+ ventilation requirements so there is a gaping hole for dust.

Thanks for the advice - really dont want to package the whole shebang up and ship back to vendor (who will no doubt try a single disk and claim it is fine).

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