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Anyone know if I can replace my DAVS 888 AV unit with another DVD player yet still be able to use the subwoofer and surround speakers ? Sorry if this sounds a stupid question, bit of a newbie here :rolleyes:


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hi, obviously your nwe dvd player must have an onboard surround sound amp, then you need to check if new player o/p power rating is not too high for current speakers! see back of speakers or manual, remember to compare like for like, ie rms-rms. new dvd o/p should be same as or lees than current speaker ratings. Be careful with sub! is your old one active, ie a power lead to it? this will have a 'low level' feed to it and amped on board. if you connect an 'allready amplified' (as on a passive sub) feed to it you will do damage! hope this helps. see ya bockster

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