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Has anybody any news as to what is happening with these machines. I got a call from Sony about 2 weeks ago saying that I should take my machine to a local Sony agent for the subtitle fix. I rang them and they said that they would need the machine for a week. As they were nowhere near where I live and having read Bobbles post about not returning the machine I have hung onto it.
My local dealer from whom I originally bought the machine says that they are expecting replacements in this week but they said the same last week.

Does anybody have any actual news.

Dave C
David, sent my machine back to my supplier (Empire Direct) approx two weeks ago, and they decided that the machine was 'beyond repair' and have now replaced the unit with brand new one. The unit now functions perfectly no subtitles at start and none at layer change or at signs on screen. Also for some reason the picture seems sharper on this unit?

They have also sorted out slight glitch in menu's in DVD's such as Shrek where underlining under menu options would run into the next menu option (will make sense if you have seen this).

All in all I am now extremely happy with this unit.

If you are returning to your supplier though and they are going to replace it, make sure they have stock as I had to wait two weeks for replacement.

P.S. my local Sony repair centre would not accept the unit back without going through my dealer!

Good luck.

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