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Davis Cinemaone question and help.

Discussion in 'Projectors, Screens & Video Processors' started by Pir8e, Oct 23, 2003.

  1. Pir8e


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    Hi, all. I recently had the chance to buy a Davis Cinemaone for the "right" money. It needed a few repairs to make good (Which was professionaly carried out very cheaply by elite-visuals of Southport UK). Dave from Elite recommend i place this query in your forum.......

    Is there a way to internally mod the DC1 to playback NTSC sources either composite or s-video ?

    If not will one of the £50 NTSC-PAL booster boxes work ok?

    and if the booster is ok will the 7' image be degraded much?

    can the booster box be let connected in-line even when a PAL feed is sent through, or will I have to keep unplugging the damn thing ?

    and Finally (and thx for your patience) is there a was to convert the s-video from NTSC to PAL?

    Thanks in advance for any help gratefully recieved.....


    Anyone with a nice cheap Buffer cable plz gimme a hoot ;)

  2. Gary Lightfoot

    Gary Lightfoot
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    Apr 6, 2001
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    Surrey. UK.
    I thought that the Davis range were capable of both PAL and NTSC input? My DLS8 was anyway..

    What are you like with PCs? I had a Davis DLS8 and used an HTPC to drive it - the image quality was far better than the interlaced inputs, and it was scaled to full panel, rather than just being 640 x 480.

    Using a Radeon graphics card and 5.1 capable sound card with PowerDVD XP will give you a picture better than anything currently on the market. Run PAL at 75hz, and NTSC at 72hz. THe PC output will be progressive too.

    You'll need a vga adaptor to get a vga to vga cable directly connected, as the buffer box can degrade the signal a tad. ITM do these.

    If PCs aren't your thing, then maybe a scaler will be better. There are devices like the Pro V that will output 800 x 600 via VGA, and you can connect various things to them so it will act like a switch box too. You'll get a better picture as well I would think. Less than £100 IIRC. A second hand Iscan Pro may be a better bet, but I'm not sure if the DC1 will correctly show the input without downconverting to 640 x 480.

    Mark Grant on this forum has one I think, so drop him a pm and see what he has to say.



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