Dave Gilmour live. help?


I used to have a pioneer 636, through a goodmans TV and my Yamaha Hitb surround package, but with music DVDs I had a synch problem. The video picture was slightly behind the sound, which I found infuriating.

I bought the Gilmour DVD the other day and played it through my Philips 962 and Sanyo PJ with the Yamaha still performing its roll as surround package and guess what, exactly the same sync problems. What causes this ? and how the hell can I get rid of the problem, its the same on every music DVD.

Trouble is, I am a bit of an amateur musician and this problem is driving me nuts. Anyone help ??????

By the way, wasnt all that keen on the DVD, thought it was a bit souless, so Im swapping for Roger Waters in the Flesh.


Yes Karkus I had the same problem, but no one wanted to help,so I ended up talking to myself :( :( :(

Got one of those new fangled time delay sound devices and plugged it into my ears, everythings fine now except for the flashing blue lights outside my window:eek: :eek:

Theres something wrong with those guys in the white coats, there speech is all out of sync..............must mention that on the forum............

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