dave at lg Life is not good for us at talktalk


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LG iPlayer Buffering issue (on TalkTalk).

AS YOU CAN SEE TALKTALK think The issue does appear to be resolved
Originally Posted by OCE_Nathan (TalkTalk`s Online Community Team)
The issue does appear to be resolved and from what I can see the LG firmware update has appeared to resolve the issues.
Have you checked with LG if your TV is certified for the Iplayer?
BBC iPlayer - Help - LG BBC iPlayer Certified Devices
thanks but it is not resolved for me
i can confirm my tv is not certified to work with Iplayer

list of TalkTalk Members TV'S with the (TV was working pefectly with BBC iplayer untill feb 2012 Iplayer now works for 5 minutes then constantly buffering making the iplayer unwatchable.) BELOW
LG tv                    Year     certified for
model                             the Iplayer
LG 32LD490               2010     no
LG 32ld490 TV            2010     no
LG 42LD490 TV            2010     no
LG 42ld490 TV            2010     no
LG 50PK590               2010     no
LG LE4900                2010     no
LG LM620t 3D             ????     no
LG TV                         
LG 32LD790               2010     yes
LG 32LD790 tv            2010     yes
LG 32LE5900              2010     yes
LG 32LV550T              2011     yes
LG 32LV550T              2011     yes
LG 37LV550T              2011     yes
LG 42LD690 TV            2010     yes
LG 42LE5900 32LE5900     2010     yes
LG 42lv550t TV           2011     yes
LG 42LW550T TV           2011     yes
LG 47LX9900 tv           2010     yes
LG LW550t TV             2011     yes
LG LW550t TV             2011     yes
LG TV 42LE8900-ZA        2010     yes
Check if your LG TV is certified for the Iplayer
BBC iPlayer - Help - LG BBC iPlayer Certified Devices

:lease: someone by now should know why or what is happening
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My tv is supported - LW550t and I have the iplayer buffering after 5/10 mins of play.
I am on talktalk too

Dave at LG is this an LG problem or a talktalk one


I thought LG had already said they had fixed the iPlayer problem.

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Here's the story in a nutshell
2011 tvs worked fine untill Feb 2012
Problem was mainly with talktalk
Lg pulled the iplayer on 2012 tvs (they got a coming soon screen)
It was pulled so they would not get complaints of buffering.
Yes it was anounced that it was fixed but this "fix" was only dished out to 2012 tvs. With an as yet empty promise of fixing all tvs.
So 2011 tvs still do not have a working iplayer, if they are with talktalk.
Talktalk say it is an LG problem,the proof being that LG have managed to fix it for 2012 tvs


Sounds like a bit of a mess.

Could be that commercial decisions may be overiding technical problems, i.e. LG don't want to spend any money fixing old software, if only a fairly small number of users are involved.
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Correction, I probably should have said comparatively small number.

i.e. the number of people who still have the problem compared to the number of installed LG Smart TV's and/or the number they currently sell each week.

And the longer LG leave this, the more people with the problem will migrate away from TT, and the problem diminishes. So it sort of resolves itself over time. (And I doubt TT would notice that number of users leaving, they seem to accept a high customer churn rate as normal).

And because the 2012 range has been fixed, no new user will see the problem (whether they use TT or not).

I notice that no one from LG has picked up on this thread.


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LG Electronics From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

As of early 2012, British LG SmartTV users using TalkTalk as in ISP had had significant service issues with the BBC iPlayer. LG have made no official comment, while the BBC have said that they are aware of the issue and are investigating.

LG have made no official comment thats 7 months and still no one from LG knows whats wrong

alan suger would have fired someone by now.


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i can Check if an LG TV is certified for the bbc Iplayer

as buying another one of your tv's is going to cost me lots more of my hard earned money

how about giving me a discount as i have not been able to use the iplayer on this tv for 8 mouths now

and how would i Check if an LG TV is certified for talktalk

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