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Hi all!

I've owned the system for a couple of month now, very satisfied with the performance (especially DVD playback).

I have two minor issues though:

1. Does anyone know of a way to adjust treble setting on this unit? Would be very useful when listening to Auio CDs. I actually find it very annoying that such a simple thing is missing from this otherwise excellent product. The DSP modes don't do much to improve the situation for the high frequencies.
I have my PC hooked and music playback is sort of alright when junking the highs on the PC equalizer, it's just noticeable when using CD player directly on the DAV-SC8.
I had gone into the service settings, but couldn't locate anything that seemed relevant.

I'm sure there are lots of you out there who agree with the treble issue, maybe if we make ourselves heard by building up this thread and pointing it out to Sony, something would be done about it???

2. I'm having problems with the remote control response. the unit is about 4 meters away and I really have to point well and press and hold for some time till it responds, even then, the response seems pretty slow (noticeable when increasing/decreasing the volume level). all the other devices in the room have no problems, not even the TV that is being commanded by the same remote control. Anyone out there with the same experience?


Forgot to mention that for those accross the atlantic, the DAV-FCx series may have the same issue(s) (systems like DAV-FC8, DAV-FC9, etc... which are almost identical in design).


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I'm on a final countdown between the Pioneerdv99 or the Sc6 (same front stage as the 8) what is the treble problem? too much or too little and what cd mode are you using stereo. pro/l 2 etc.,would appreciate any info Sorry can't help with your prblem


Nope, it's not too much, it's not too little, it's like your Hi-Fi has a treble setting that goes from 1 to 10. The SC8 is like stuck on 4 or 5, not the optimal setting to my taste. I really don't see why they've ommited this setting, I don't see how that should be so difficult. The audio sounds plain, with any listening mode/DSP you throw at it (the Hall/Live/Jazz/etc... DSP modes suck, IMHO).

You do, however, have plenty of control over bass and the sub-woofer (I'm talking about the SC8, of course, dunno about the SC6) with two settings of bass re-inforcement besides the default and sub-woofer manual level control and listening mode (sub has manual Movie or Music setting)

Again, this treble is only apparent when you're playing Audio-CDs (I'm guessing MP3 would be in the same boat, didn't really try playing MP3s through the CD player though).

PrologicII Movie & Music modes really do a good job when watching satellite reception with stereo encoding.

Personally, I find the audio quality stunning when watching DVDs, and Sony's EX modes do an excellent job. The system also packs a lot of punch in the box. I've got it in a room of over 80 sq meters and I rarely need to set volume beyond 15 to 17 (out of 40).

I think if you're listening to audio coming from a PC, you should be ok (treating the signal before it goes out of your sound card should take care of it).

and by the way, you can forget about changing any settings when listening to SuperAudio-CDs, the SC8 will not change into any other listening mode than the default (no DSP modes).

Prior to this system, I had an A/V receiver with separates (the Pioneer VSX-D509S). It had treble setting and nice, usable DSP modes. Only the Pioneer didn't look as nice ;)


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Thanks for the info I always have my present yamaha set up on a flat response treble and bass cd or video. But it seems like the sony needs the boost. I agree it is very poor that sony dont give you the control .The dv 99 lets you adjust every parameter except the design I know the sc6 got agood review but the sc5 didn't but that was the speakers more than the amp/sub Just another query What type of music are you judging on or as it any type thanks


Dear guys,

I owned a set of SC8 but I don't have the remote problem.

Initially when I got the set, I was a bit upset with the treble setting as well...then the DSPs is not necessary as I am a guy who listen music that's the way it's originally recorded onto the discs.

After a while, I find that the treble is not a problem with me as it depends on what type of music and the way it's recorded. Using equaliser actually "mess" up with the sounds of the source which is not encouraged.

As I noticed, high end speakers tend to have a "flat" and "wide" range of frequency response which in my own opinion, reinstated what my point of view. If we "jack" up the treble, the frequency from 10K above will be higher than the mid and low frequencies. These type of speakers or sounds are termed as "bright". It all come to your personal tastes after all.


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