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Bought a Sony DAV-S800 a month ago and on the whole have been pleased with it.

However I have noticed an annoying fault? with it. After 20 -30 seconds the picture will increase in brightness then after another 20-30 secs the picture will dim down again. This cycle continues constanly.

The increase / decrease is small but enough to make your eyes readjust and like anything when you notice something you can't help but look out for it, to the point that my viewing experience is being affected by it.

I am using a standard S-video cable to connect it to my Toshiba 2505db 25" 4:3 tv.

Anyone have any ideas if it is a player fault or down to quality of cable?

Any advice appriceated


Paul D

Well-known Member
Sounds like "Macrovision" video protection.
I had the same problem with my old Toshiba TV.
The old TVs circuits couldn't keep up with Macrovisions constantly changing video level.
Changing to a newer TV sorted the picture.

I thought i was going mad!
The changing brightness was like when the sun comes out and then goes behind a cloud etc
Ie cycles light then darker very smoothly...;)


Thanks for the reply fulabeer.

I am going to try my player on my friends new windscreen tv to prove the point.

I tried the composite lead to try to rule out s video cable problem but it was exactly the same, so as you suggest maybe its my 10 year old tosh tv.

Will post outcome

Regards Kovo

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