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I recently purchased a Sony DAV-S550 system and have found that it will not play my R1 discs in colour.I was previously using a PS2 via a RGB Scart to play my R1 discs in colour but there is no Scart output on the DAV-S550. I can only assume that the problem is due to my TV not being NTSC compatible.

Is there any way to get round this problem? Is there a cable which can cater for S-Video at one end and RGB Scart at the other? Or am I just being daft?
Your player won't output RGB and the best bet is s-video if your TV supports it.

Possibly the DAV is already set to output s-video as frequently if an s-video signal is being received into a composite connection on a TV the picture will appear in black & white.

Normally a TV has to be manually set to accept s-video signals through a scart socket. This is done through the On Screen Menu system on the TV

After ensuring that your TV will accept s-video signals you will need a cable with an s-video plug on one end and a scart plug on the other (unless your TV has an s-video socket)
Thank's for your advice. I am using an S-Video cable and a Scart adapter at the moment. My TV displays S-Video in the connections menu and all my region 2 discs play in colour. Is the cable you mention (S-Video at one end and Scart at the other) going to be configured differently to my existing cable?
Most TV's can handle an RGB signal and hence the output from the PS2 is in colour.

However your tv may not be capable of handling a pure NTSC signal which is output by the DAV-s550. What you can try is a wired S-Video to Scart cables (not the one supplied) and it may make a difference (although I doubt it).

The alternative is to buy a NTSC to PAL conversion box ~£120 or go for a new TV (if it's within your budget). It's a shame these all in one systems do not offer the RGB output via a scart....
Originally posted by scotia
Is the cable you mention (S-Video at one end and Scart at the other) going to be configured differently to my existing cable?

The cable should be OK if the R2 films play in colour.

Most televsions made in the last ten years should be able to accept NTSC signals through the scart sockets. What is the make and model number of the TV.
Sony tvs have the ntsc s-video input disabled in the service menu of the tv it can be activated in the FQ75 range plus the Kv36fs70.Scart nos 2,3 can be ntsc s-video enabled but not scart one check your settings just incase.I had do this myself so I know this is right I hope this helps
I am maximus

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