DAV S-800 c-81 error?



Hi group can anybody help i have a DAV S-800 system and after trying to play a rental DVD it has come up on the front screen with "C81" now i can't do bugger all with it not even get the door open.:mad: & :confused:

Anybody had similar or can help?
cheers whistler

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My guess would be disk jammed in the tray, you may need to remove the lid and manually take it out. Bear in mind this is only my best guess!



Thanks Andy i have managed to get the disc out now i have spoken to sony uk and suprise suprise they don't know what the error code is either.they gave me an engineers number who also had no idea apart from "bring it down for a quote".the system is 2 years and 3 months old now and at just under £700 at the time there must be a lesson to be learnt :censored:


Hi Whistler
Can i ask how you actually resolved this and what work was involved to fix it? I have the same system and same problem, and Blockbuster want their DVD rental back, but cant get the disc out the player. The player is also outside warranty. Any help would be appreciated.


Hi Jules, I too now have this problem how did you resolve yours? Many thanks


Hi just to let you know how i resolved the C81 error on mine............i sold it on e-bay (as faulty) for £30 because it's a fault on the Mpeg board which they quoted £175 to fix sony not intrested because it was out of warranty by 3 months so that's the last sony gear i'll be buying.I went to Richer sounds and bought a JVC control centre (£199)which hooked up to the sony speakers but i had to buy an active sub light years better than the sony unit.


I have had problems with playing discs on my sony home theatre.They are always freezing,error messages etc.
Their players are very choosy when playing dvds,the tiniest mark will upset the player,so when it comes to rental dvds ,you haven't got a hope.
Sony are overated.Stick to playstations Sony.
(I had a digital camera of theirs and that went t**ts up as well.) :thumbsdow
I am now binning it and buying a Panasonic.


i agree.
my dav-s800 does not play any rental dvd's. i've tried to clean the player, tried to clean the rental dvd's and still no luck. all i want to do is to give my dav-s800 away. just one problem: nobody wants it. not even my friends!!!
even my sony tv has problems. the color is fading and it will cost me a fortune to get fixed. may as well buy a new tv also.

guess what? my new tv and home theater system will definitely not be a sony!
never again....

sony is over priced and does not last. perhaps they should consider putting that on the label. :thumbsup:

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