DAV-DZ810 damaged




I have a Sony DAV-DZ810. Recently there was some electrical problems in my flat (earth wire burnt threw in cellar and was live), this resulted in my Sony system blowing out smoke and liquid dripping out.

I though that it was totally broken so I prised out the DVD that was in there. Then I thought I should plug back in and see what happens and to my surprise, the display lights up etc, seemingly still working.

Unfortunately I may have broken the disk tray now, not sure. I havent tested it fully so Im not even sure if is working at all.

But anyway, is it worth trying to get this repaired, maybe the smoke and liquid are just the insulation on the fuse melting???

I assume the 5 speakers and subwoofer are still ok, can I use them in other systems, even the infra red speakers, can I incorporate them into something else?

Or is the whole system lost?

Insurance did pay out though, so not all is lost.


Good news, I managed to fix the disk tray, must have just made the mechanism out of sync, after some playing, its now working again. Will have to clue the part of case that is attached to the tray back on again.

I plugged it in again last night and it works, played a DVD etc, didnt test the Infra-red speakers yet, just the front 3 and sub.

But when I first plug it in (Stand by), there is a small high pitched noise, but once turned on it goes away.

If you look inside the Case, near the front of the player is a clear plastic cover, which seems to be protecting some large resistor like components, there is 4 in total 2 have yellow insulation around the cables and the other 2 dont, this is also the site of the liquid when I first opened up the case after the electrical incident.

So what do you think, the insulation melted on the resistor but now its ok? Will keep testing now for the next few months (never leaving it unattended) and see what happens.

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