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I seem to be intermitently losing the left channel on my Dav 500, it seems mostly to happen when it's first switched on, often unpluging from the mains resets it to normal.
This happens in all modes including line inputs,radio,CD etc. ,
when it happens I've run the test tone and the left speaker is dead.
I've checked that the speaker cable is connected properly so far as I can see.

BTW the fault is also present when connected to headphones which I think tends to rule out a speaker problem.

Does anyone have any ideas what might be wrong?


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Not sure what it could be. Looks like it needs a trip to the Sony Service Centre if it´s under guarantee they should sort it out for you.


Ok thanks for the reply but I think i've now located the problem, one of the two wires that fit into the connector that goes in the left speaker socket on the DAV appears to be a bad connection, if I waggle it a little it has a direct effect on the fault.

Anyway an engineer is coming because it's under warranty i'll let him fix it!

Thanks again for you help.

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