datel 4 gig hdd


i know it says im the psp king but just heard a rumour that the datel 4 gig hdd comes pre loaded with firmware 2.50 is this true? can any one help before i buy one and turn my psp into an atari lynx. haha


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Not heard that myself - I can't see how it could run automatically anyway - you'd have to choose to run it, so I can't imagine it would be a problem.


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doubt it could force you to upgrade to 2.5, but (likely in concession to sonys demands) it might have the option to upgrade or worse still ony function if you have v2.5!


Total bolox :suicide: :rotfl:

Various sites have already given a hands on review with the device playing ISO's of games (that they legally own ;)).

Besideds, its mainly going to be people who pirate....uhhh I mean play their legally owned backups that will use this device.

Its not even up for debate to be honest with you, surely you lot aren't that uninformed to even give such a stupid rumour a thought?

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