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Does anybody know what's been happening behind the scenes with Datasat Digital Sound?

I know Datasat was originally the cinema division of DTS, before it was spun-off as a separate company in 2008 (which always seemed an odd strategy, as you would think there were many technical and business advantages that could be shared, while they were part of the same organisation...).

Until fairly recently 'Datasat Digital Sound' was frequently shown on the end credits of movies. In the bio for the company they state that from 1993 until 2016 Datasat Digital Sound could be found on all major motion pictures.

Updates to their website have been few and far between, but now the whole website has changed, and its been revealed they have been acquired by ATI (Amplifier Technologies). They list high-end home cinema as well as commercial cinema amplifiers and sounds processors, but there is no mention at all regarding their involvement in movie sound.

Having heard recently that DTS was going to get back into the cinema industry, I wonder if this means it's the end of the road for Datasat Digital Sound, and that we might see 'DTS' show up on end credits again?

The Twyford Datasat office, now appears to be Datasat Technologies, and only mentions communication systems and networks. There's no mention of their previous involvement with cinema sound.

Interestingly, Datasat (ATI) list just one dealer in the UK, which is a private house in Hayes, Middlesex.

Has Datasat Digital Sound fallen on hard times, or is this just a strategic change of business?

Back in the pre-digital days when cinemas used film, it was clear to me what technologies Dolby and DTS brought to the experience - you had two very different digital sound systems, which worked in completely different ways; but now everything is just a digital package I don't know what they actually bring to the party (except for venues that are deploying immersive sounds, where Dolby Atmos has got clear traction).

My local cinema has a Christie 7.1 sound system which they are proud to advertise, but there is no mention at all of Dolby, Datasat / DTS.

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