datasafe media dvd-r disks don't work for me


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i bought a 25 spindle of so called datasafe 4x speed dvd r disks.I downloaded twice from a humax pvr8000t to a panasonic dmr55 - both times a disk error at abot 35 mins.Understand the issue with Humax but repeated it with Sony dvd r and worked perfectly.Then used another of these coasters to burn some photos from my Apple.Disk error,useless.Tried a cdr worked fine.Finally,dubbed from my e85 to a dvd ram, no problem.Did same dub to datasafe dvdr (and bear in mind I'm on the 4th disk now) and error after 45 mins of 1 hour. recording. Guess what I won't be buying in future? Ever.


I hear you Pete :mad: It really is annoying that you cant buy any brand that you fancy without having to worry if it will be compatible with the DVD Recoreder/Player! The industry should really get it sorted out.
The safest thing is just to stick with the one brand you find that works really well with the set up you have.
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