Datacolor Spyder3TV - can I use it with Windows 10 / HCFR / DisplayCal or anything?!


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I have an old Datacolor Spyder3TV colorimeter but I am stuck and unable to use it. This came with both software on CD, as well as a DVD tool for use with non-PC monitors/TVs. Sadly, I no longer have a PC with a CD/DVD drive to read the provided disk with. Datacolor does not have drivers for the device on their website. They provide a Spyder3 driver, which however Windows 10 refuses to install altogether.

I was able to find Spyder3 drivers from elsewhere, which seemed to be 'OK' in terms of installing the device, but did not provide any actual functionality.
I was also able to install the Spyder3 Pro software, but I get stuck in the initial screen which expects to activate the product. The servers do not work for automatic activation, and I cannot use my valid/legal Spyder3TV serial number from the product manual itself.

I tried installing DisplayCal, as well as HCFR but I have been unable to get either to recognize the device, despite it being 'installed' on the Windows 10 PC.

Is there a solution? I have e-mailed Datacolor but to be frank I don't expect them to be helpful with such a legacy product and obscure combination I am trying to use the device with (it was never designed for Windows 10).

Alternatively, does anyone know if and how I can access the actual drivers for this device? It is so odd that Datacolor has stuff for Spyder 3 and Spyder 3 Pro, as well as Spyder4TV, but nothing for Spyder3TV - despite it being essentially identical hardware to the Spyder3 Pro!

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