Data Transfer Speed Issues with Homeplug


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I've had my home network set up using 4 dLan 200 AVsmart+ units and one dLan 200 AV Wireless N unit for over a year, but recently I've twice had a problem with data transfer speeds.

The problem is that my network appears normal, however internet speeds and data transfer speeds are very slow. I am unable to stream media and copying files from my NAS drive is very slow. My internet speed is 0.07 mbit/s through the network, but 12 mbit/s via wireless (tested using The curious thing is the upload speed is no different and the ping is also the same.

This is after removing all adapters, swapping them around and trying just the two including the main adapter connected to my router. This plus restoring all adapters to factory defaults. This may have worked before but it has not this time. Using the Cockpit application I can see the connection speeds between the adapters is 190 mbit/s, but actual data transfer speeds are very slow.

FYI both adapters are plugged directly into single power socket. The dlan screen on adapter attached to my PC is displaying a 2 with full strength in the connected box and a number 1 in the main box (Adapter icon for dLAN 200 AVsmart+). The Power, dLan and Ethernet icons are all lit. The display is flashing though, do I don't know if the is the issue.

Anybody have any similar issues? Any help would be great. I have been using a Macbook Pro, but could use a windows PC if necessary.



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I very recently had exactly the same issue with a pair of Devolo 200 Homeplugs.

The cause is simple , one or more of the units is failing. Theres not much you can do about it except replace them.

Have you noticed any of them running unusually hot ?


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...different adapters, trying different pairs from the 6 that I have and still the same problem.

I can't say any of them are particularly hot either.

Thanks for the suggestion but I doesn't appear to be the issue.


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