Data download Issue with Orange SPV M600



Hi all,

I have recently upgraded my handset to a Orange SPV M600. Since doing this I have noticed large charges on my bill for data downloads that I do not make. I do not have email configured on the phone and I very very rarely browse the web with it. The phone appears to be making automatic polls out on the GPRS service, but not via anything I have configured.

I have raised a call with Orange to try and get to the bottom of the problem, but have been passed from pillar to post and from department to department. They have now escalated it to engineering and they have confirmed that the connection has been permanently on over the last couple of months.

My question is, has anyone seen this before, or do they know of any default settings that may cause this behaviour.



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If nobody on here knows you could try asking the same question on Theres load of info over there.
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