Data corrupt?


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Afternoon folks

Wondering if you could help me solve my problem or give me answers.

I was on the Ps3 internet browers and a grey screen appeared informing me that my ps3 had to restart.

After the restart the systems default settings had been restore, I had to get set the time and date, choose the HDMI settings, set my internet connection etc. I had also been comletely removed from the playstation network, i had the drop down options of "sign up for playstion network" wether before I had my sign in name and password waiting.

After I had set everything back to my settings I tried to play Fifa 11. The trophy screen came up and loaded to 27% and stalled, and the game loaded in the background. I then went to play RDR and when I tried to load the saved games an error message came up telling me that the saves were from a diffrent user and they couldn't be loaded.

I dont know if this is caused by the data has been corrupt after the restart or being complete removed from the playstation network bit but im stumped, I have tried to find a reason for these problems but I cant find anything.

Any help would be greatly apprecitated :lease:


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Sounds like your hard drive "may" be knackered, but you've thrown me with the being kicked off the PSN network bit. You can't have been on the PSN network as it's been down since it was hacked mid-late April.

Your save game files will only work with your user account. If it's reset to default settings, it's possible it's lost your user details.

You could try going into the account settings bit & see if your details are still there.

Before you do anything serious, like formatting/replacing you hard drive, I'd try & backup what save game files you can, a full backup might be possible, but if you're having problems I'm not sure, so I'd just format a USB flash drive to FAT32 & copy across any save game files that it will let you (some will be copy protected, & only a full backup will work which will probably need a FAT32 USB hard drive).

Good luck


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Cheers Kaden101 I hope the hard disc isnt knackered only got the ps3 at xmas.

Regarding the PSN I ment that I could go to that selection and my details would already be there just waiting to click sign in, but now its telling me to sign up and as the networks down it wont let me sign in.

Last night I created another user on the system and tried fifa on that and it worked fine, so it might just be the user account I have the now.

Also when your are talking about the account settings were do I find that?
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