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Dashboard information flickering on and off?!


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I drive a 2002 Vauvhall CorsaSxi 1.2 and has had relatively no problems. It's done 96000 miles.

Recently, one day when driving, the spedometer, rev counter, fuel gauge, engine temp gauges went on and off. Basically everything on the dashboard. They all go down to zero and back up again, like they would when you turn your car off. However the clock which is seperate in the central coloumn stays on. So does the radio.

This doesnt affect the driving performance at all but when it does flicker off i cannot use my lights/ indicators.

I would like an idea of what this could be so i can give the bloke at the garage a head start so any help would be much appreciated!




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I heard that a diode, or other electrical bit, that controls the voltage to the instruments, had a tendency to go bad on those cars. Or it could just be a loose connector leading to the instruments as it is an intermittent fault

a l e x

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Put your hands on the instrument panel and push it back. Theres a connector behind there that becomes loose. The GFs old car used to have the same problem; you'd be driving down the road and all the dials would turn off. Made passing a speed camera a bit of a guessing game!


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Thanks for this help.

I've tried pushing into the instrument panel but nothing goes on or off so i'm assuming the fault does not lie there.

Can i ask why you think it may be the ignition switch riget?

I had a fiddle around with the battery and fuses the other night and has not happened since but it has only been one day so i'm pretty sure it would come back. Would it be a bad earth?!


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OK fair enough. Yes it's booked in for next week, just trying to get as much info behind me as poss.

Cheers anyway.

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