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Hello I have got a Panasonic TX-50GX800B but on night time scenes and dark scenes I can't see anything?
I emailed Panasonic but all they said was adjust the brightness and the same with contrast.
Does anyone know what the best settings are so I can see dark scenes and night time scenes please?
I have viewing mode on cinema.
Thank you.


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I'd try turning off the adaptive backlight and ambient sensor, as I imagine they'll try and tweak the brightness automatically.


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Turn the backlight up. The GX800 isn't a particularly bright panel (291nits) so you need to up the backlight to get a decent image.


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Yes, I'd turn any eco settings off temporarily (eg. ambient sensor) to see if that makes a difference. I prefer to be in control of the picture, so I have all those settings disabled. Also - if you've adjusted any advanced picture settings, it might be worth returning presets to their defaults - there's usually an option to do this at the bottom of each Picture preset settings menu.

Do you have issues both during the day and at night ? It looks like you have a lot of daytime reflections which may make watching dark scenes during the day more difficult. If so, then it would be worth experimenting with some of the other picture modes. While Cinema is likely to be the most natural, it definitely won't be particularly bright. Doesn't the backlight setting need to be increased ?

If the GX has the Professional picture modes like the GZ, then Pro 1 and Pro 2 can be used for daytime and night-time viewing, due to their respective higher and lower brightness settings.


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It seems a bit better,I have it on 90?
Have it on whatever looks good to you. There are no 'correct' settings.
The backlight will automatically go to 100 whenever the TV detects an HDR signal (from Netflix, Prime, Disney+ or Apple TV+ for example) so it's best not to max it out on SDR content if you want to see any benefit from HDR.
If you don't watch HDR content then by all means turn the backlight up to 100 to give you as bright as possible images from SDR content on Freeview for example.

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