"Dark" over the edge


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Hi All

I have taken a bit of time before posting my picture as its very close to Tobers great shot so wasn’t sure if I should post. :confused: :nono:

Anyway after a bit of thinking I thought I would still enter (Hope you don’t mind Tobers)

All comments as usual are welcome.

Tech Bit

Nikon D80
Focal length 34mm
ISO 1600
Shot in Black and White on a self timer
Taken 11th of April




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:thumbsup: I like this one. Great minds think alike etc etc!

Nice focus on the "death instruments" :D

Might quibble with the large light area from the pill bottle on the left - bit distracting.

Good entry nontheless.


What I like about this ,is the figure that seems to have passed out on the couch behind.Gets you thinking,Nice one puli:thumbsup:


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Nice idea - not unlike a previous entry :rolleyes:

IMO it lacks the contrast that's need for a shot like this. It woudl add a little 'edge' to it, and make it stronger.


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I like this one...works great in B&W :)

I didn't notice the person lying down in the background until it was mentioned by Vulkan, however looking back at it again, i think it has been done really well.

My first initial reaction is to look at the glass, then my eyes slowly follows the pills and the bottle to eventually seeing the body. ....makes me interpret my own little story...


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Thanks for your comments folks. :thumbsup:

Nice idea - not unlike a previous entry :rolleyes:

Liquid, Yes I know :suicide: I had shot the picture before checking on what other people had done, saw Tobers and spend a week thinking should I or not.



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