Dark or Light Paint?

I'm at the stage where I need to start looking at paint for the walls. We'll have a dark brown leather sofa, beech flooring and probably dark brown wooden blinds.

I'm sure it's down to personal choice in the end ...or the other half!!! But what have people done with their rooms?

Any advice welcome.


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Hi bloodynora :)
I personally think light colours would be better bearing in mind you have dark furniture. It would Really make everything stand out and look really nice.
Also where i lived before i had dark colours and mahogany furniture and believe me it was like a cave lol, even during the day it seemed so dark.
Now Ive used white all over in my house,only thing is with light colours if u have kids they will have to be EXTRA carefull not to dirty the paintwork lol i have 3 and i dont even let them touch the walls lol an by the way they have got use to it.:)
But at the end of the day like u said it's down to personal choice :)
If you have a projector, then dark walls near that can improve the perceived contrast. If not, I must admit I love minimalist white.


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Well, just to keep the debate going, I'll vote dark! :D



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Bladster - this was my very same concern.

I was thinking maybe go with a dark colour where the screen will be and lighter elsewhere. Yes this is a compromise as OH want's a light airy-fairy feel to the room :D

thanks Nora

Yes could do on the front wall of mine. Think i may go for magy on all and if it doesnt feel right can always paint over it. It doesnt get a lot of light in there anyway, but when proj is on may be too much.




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wow that looks V.nice Mark!
Gone for a touch of luxury eh Mark! very nice.
- thanks guys, I just stuck the photo up just to give you an idea, there's loads more on this forum of other people's great jobs.
I was going to go with a magnolia for my new room, is that so wrong (PJ & Screen)?
- not if you like it! OK, you can see better contrast from dark walls, and you may not like reflections from light walls. However, when rooms have to perform dual fnctions, you do have to compromise, and there's nothing wrong with that. Maybe a dark feature wall on the screen wall goes part way.
Whatever you decide, don't worry, just enjoy!

B0bA F3tt

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I would suggest, whatever you go for be it dark or light - the beauty is in the detail... If you can, go for silk versions or vinyl silk, sand the plaster before the first coat and sand even finer before the next coat.

Make sure your cutting in is precise and tidy - if you take a look at The_Force's thread - he hasn't used hugely expensive paints - just made sure that the finish was immaculate :cool:

I'm using Dulux White Vinyl Silk on walls with heavy traffic (hallway, bathroom, back wall of living room) and regular silk anywhere else. 3 coats, sanded in between eack with higher grade paper each time. It's a PITA with all the dust, but the end result should be worth it :boring:

I chose white as colour will be provided by the huge windows and ambient lighting I have... I also needed a contrast to the dark carpet and mural... Please keep an eye on my thread as it progresses...

Ultimately, you have to weigh up whether you can use the room when it's not being a cinema without it feeling gloomy... This is where a good lighting scheme comes into it's own...

PLEASE don't go for Magnolia - I spent my childhood living in Naval quarters - it's left permanent damage to my Psyche... :D

Good luck (and sorry for the essay!)

B0bA :smashin:

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