Dark Messiah of Might and Magic Single-Player Demo


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any ideas, i know it's a long shot..

I launch the app, introduction screen comes on for about a second then crashes to desktop

very fast

no error messages, no dont sends

doesnt work for a lot of other people either, but i have no idea why


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Sounds like your graphics card doesn't support it!


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i got a brand new pc, it's awesome..so i doubt it

abit kl9 sli mobo
sata hd 250gb
corsair 2gb ram
amd 64 2.4ghz 3800 single core
antec sonata 2 with smartpower2 450w psu

my specs..

after restarting my pc and trying again
it got through about 2 more intro's then crashed again :(



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yer man

Hey i managed to fix it

stupid bug in game i guess as someone else i know had same problem

I just held escape ASAP and it worked ..:)

nm guys..

this game is amazing btw...IT LOOKS FREEKING AWESOME, best use of source engine i've seen!!

game play is so fun aswell... bloody gruesome fun :)

here's an example of in game screenshot


not best example for gameplay like..but nice


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now that im not too sure of...you'd think so..but..ubisoft game i think, using valve content

about the game play there is just endless ways to kill monsters :)

someone elses comments

its pretty good actually, now oblivion i couldnt stand it looked like a 15 yr old hack n slash interface
this on the other hand is similar in style but its so much better. you can hack your enemies to bits with power strikes, kick em of ledges or into spike walls, if you beat them to the floor or kick them over a crate or against a wall you can then skewer em on the deck and the spell effects and general scenery gfx are pretty amazin.. it just seems so freeform in combat style, i got picked up by and orc and throw backwards, once he'd sneered into my face, stood back up kicked him backwards, tho him being huge he hardly moved, and then hacked his hand off and ran him through. his buddy came running so i smacked out a beam holding up some barrels and crushed him.. pretty good tbh
sums it up really


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hmmm, not sure i agree with the oblivion comment tbh though. the rest sounds interesting though


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ah i just got confirmation, this game is being released on steam :)

apparently it will have multiplayer features..which would be interesting to see


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not sure about that, but i think the pre-orders i've seen are like £40..

thats limited edition though

think i'll just wait for the actual release

Btw, my mouse kept conking out whilst playing on full gfx again, done this with tombraider... i reckon it must happen more often when playing New games because it puts more stress on the gpu, which would drain the psu more, i.e. the mouse cuts out because it doesn't receive enough power.

thats my speculation anyway...pfft.


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Mines £24.99 from play but that's just the normal version.

Steam releases usually give a 10% discount if you pre-order and the game will probably be pre-installed and unlocked on the day of release.I see no mention of it anywhere being released over steam. Could I ask whaere your source is please (no pun intended:rotfl: ).

Eric XIV

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mikeyparkster said:
apparently it will have multiplayer features..which would be interesting to see

look at these videos i found on IGN and you can see the muliplayer action HERE

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