Dark Angel


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Just wondered what people thought about this sci-fi series - many people seem to like it. Seems to be only 2 seasons available though as the show was cancelled - is it worth getting?


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It's fun. Lots of plot holes but the whole conspiracy thing is done well.

Plus Jessica Alba *wahey*Although get Idle Hands if you want to see her in her skimpies!

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I thought it was a good series, pity it got cancelled though. Also it got cancelled out of the blue so the series wasn't able to wrap the storylines up. In fact I purposely didn't see the last 15 mins of the final ep because I knew it had a pointless cliffhanger ending.

Some great episodes through the series, and Jessica Alba :D :devil: :zonked:



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Cheers for the replies. One more thing, which region box set is best, R1 or R2. I think the main difference is R2 is w/s and R1 is 4:3, any other differences? Seems I'll be getting the R2 season 1 from amazon for £29.99 if the R2 is superior.


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I bought series one and quite enjoyed it - I have read some really bad reviews for season two which is why I haven't gotten round to getting it yet... Series one is well worth a watch though, not the best US tv series of the last few years, but quite enjoyable.

And yes Jessica Alba :clap: :smashin: :clap: :devil: :smashin:


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I watched one episode in it's entirity. Unfortunately it was all I could do to stop falling asleep!

If you want an action drama with a delicious beauty, you'd be well advised to get 'Alias' instead!

All three series (so far) sublime!


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Totally agree about Alias being better - fantastic series - but Dark Angel is still worth a watch. Did we mention Jessica Alba? ;) :D


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I enjoyed both series of Dark Angel.

Jessica Alba was 18 when Idle Hands came out in 1999.

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