Daredevil - £7.93 / Disney's The Wild - £6.93 @ The Hut


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Just spotted these two bargains in their clearout sale :thumbsup: Gutted I paid £14 for DD from The Hut less than two months ago though :(

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Simian Sibling

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All I can find is the dvd for that price


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This must be a price f'up but they also have Lakeview Terrace for £4.53 (although it's current status is "Usually dispatched within 3 days" ).

TheHut.com: Lakeview Terrace Blu-ray
Just ordered.
Cheers. :thumbsup:
Received this message from TheHut:
Thank you for ordering with us at thehut.com, order no ******.

I am sorry to advise that we had a limited amount of stock available of Lakeview Terrace at the promotional price which has since sold out.

We can confirm that payment has not been taken and you are free to re-order at the current price should you wish.

Just sent them an e-mail saying I want my blu-ray at the price I ordered it.


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Their answer:

This is not possible.

We operate discounted stock sales on a first come first serve basis, and were unable to provide you with this item at the promotional price.

Apologies for any inconvenience this may have caused you.

Anyone else have their order for Lakeview Terrace cancelled?

Simian Sibling

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Yeah :( Some you win some you loose!

Didn't want it anyway but at that price I would have watched it :)
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