Dansai 852?


Tony Randal


Can anyone tell me which of the outputs for this player give the best picture quality? It has scart, video out and s-video out. The video modes are Composite video, RGB and YCrCb.

I've tried using my scart but when I set the player to RGB mode my screen goes green! Any ideas on why this is happening? My tele is a 32zd26p (Toshiba) by the way.



In theory, component should be best, but in practical terms, RGB is just about as good - for domestic use anyway.

Your green picture is almost certainly due to a faulty SCART connection somewhere - either the lead itself or plugs not sitting in sockets properly.

Dansai is a very budget make - Toshiba is a quality set up - so make sure the menu on the Dansai is set up properly and it is putting out an RGB signal.

Make sure your SCART lead has all pins wired up and is "sitting comfortably..."


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That green screen is probably due to macrovision - are you connecting via vcr? because that will cause it (to stop you copying dvd's). If you are try pressing the tv/vcr button on the vcr remote.

try visiting www.dansai.freehosting.net for info which should let you turn off the macrovision and make it region free etc...


Tony Randal

Okay, so i've tested my scart and it's fine. I've tested the RGB socket on the TV and it works fine with a digibox in RGB, and I have macrovision disabled on my player (and it isn't looped through my video anyway); so any other ideas?

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