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    has anyone yet tried the region 1 hack on this player.

    if so does it work.does it play region 1 perfectly,and how about RCE titles.
    if anyone has got this player as i would like to know if the hack actually works..
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    I bought one of these players last night for use on my sisters 14 inch portable.

    You can select TV type as AUTO, NTSC or PAL - these can be flicked through via the P/N button on the remote. In AUTO mode, NTSC is output as NTSC and PAL is output as PAL. NTSC mode looks like it does the same as AUTO and in PAL mode, NTSC is converted to PAL50 (not PAL60 - there doesn't appear to be an option for this). It's not that bad though - in fact, it's unusually watchable - especially compared to other DVD players (e.g. Minato G1 - which can convert NTSC to PAL60) that convert NTSC to PAL50 (girlfriend didn't notice any difference).

    On the back of the machine are the usual digital coax and optical audio outputs along with audio line outs, composite video out, s-video socket and SCART socket. There are no component outputs...but read on....

    Video output from the SCART socket is selectable via the V-Mode button on the remote - it cycles between composite video, component video (labelled YUV) and RGB - the YUV output suprised me somewhat and may explain the picture mode options in the setup menu - these are AUTO, HIGH RES and N-FLICKER - could this last option be progressive scan output when using component video? Unfortunately, my TV doesn't accept progressive scan inputs so I couldn't answer that question - these picture modes had no effect on my TV.

    It appears that the only way of getting S-Video out of this DVD player is to use the S-Video socket - which is a bit of a shame.

    Note that as with other Tesco DVD players (Minato G1, Wharfdale 750) the SCART socket doesn't support wide screen switching - you have to put your telly into anamorphic mode manually - which is a downer if you have a widescreen TV (or a 4:3 TV that has an anamorphic widescreen mode).

    This machine can be hacked to make the machine multi-region as follows:

    press setup on remote

    on front panel:- press stop then prev then next

    up pops the factory menu

    go to region id - you have a choice of 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 or bypass.

    click bypass and this makes it region free.

    there is also an option for macrovision on/off (it's best set to off).

    I don't have any RCE discs to try, but it played Final Fantasy (region 4), Star Trek: The Motion Picture (region 1), Iron Giant (region 2) and everything else I threw at it.

    So, what's the picture like? Not bad - I'd say it was about on par with the Minato but lacks the detail and vibrancy of my trusty old Toshiba SD-2109b. Sound is OK - about what you would expect for a player at this price - but mp3 playback is awful - you can hear lots of quantisation noise - great for parties maybe, but it's not hifi (girlfriend couldn't tell the difference though - I'm begining to suspect she's deaf as well as blind).

    All in all, not a bad player - it will certainly do the business if you want to watch DVDs and can't afford the players around £200 - it's head and shoulders above VHS and would make an ideal first player or maybe a second player for the bedroom.

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