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Damp Rising & Leak - Advice Please


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First off apologies if this is not really the place for this question. I have a Home Cinema but this question is not about my home cinema.

In my kitchen we have rising damp, the wall that has the rising damp is on a shared wall with our neighbour.

The damp specialists we have in have treated the damp rising problem however when treating this they also discovered a problem with a leak coming from next door resulting from a drain that was blocked and the stuff going into the drain was then sitting on their concrete base (I think called a salen) and now leaking into our house.

The drain problem with next door but not the leak into our home was discoered 10 days ago and after the discovery of the leak yesterday we spoke to Neighbour and they have had the drain unblocked and a dye put in somewhere so they can check under the house in a few days for the dye to confirm the source of the leak has been fixed.

The damp specialists have said to stop any future problems they can tank the whole wall, place a membrane across the whole the floor with a channel to the main drain so any water seepage into our property from next door will not affect us in the future.

My problem is this additional work is estimated at £1300 + VAT an I am not sure if it is worth it or not.

I know this comes down to piece of mind and personal preference. I can afford the additoinal cost but not sure whether it is actually worth it or not.

Just looking for peoples thoughts or advice on what I should do. Need to get back to them today to let them know whether we are going to go ahead with the additional work or not.

Like I said next door have sorted the issue and investigating any further problems that may exist.

Thanks Col


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You don't need the membrane if the leak is fixed. Membranes are used in places such as basements where by the very nature of them you can't remove the problem.

Let them fix the drain and after a month or so when it's had a chance to dry out, then evaluate whether the membrane is required.

I would have thought though it would be for the neighbours insurance company to intervene in the best course of action. I don't see why you'd be expected to pay (even if you're happy/able to).


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I agree with everything Geps has said above. If the problem originates from your neighbour's property then the onus is on them/their insurers to rectify it properly.


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Thanks for the responses guys...

I agree the leak coming into my property is on them to fix, however I cannot, without the council getting involved, make them sort the leak. However as they said they have had work carried out to fix the drain problem and have ongoing work to confirm that is the only problem, so it seems like they are doing what is required.

However we do still have a rising damp issue which we need to sort out on top of the leak so although they have a problem that is affecting our property it is not all their doing.

My wife and I had a chat earlier and we have decided not to get the additional work done.

Thanks for the sounding board - much appreciated.


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