Damn the snow


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Just need to vent lol

Did all the prep to my car last nigt asi had a 4am pick up to the airport and several round town jobs at 6am onwards

Stuck carpet under the wheels of the car , salt on the carpet, flsk made, shovel ready etc

Got up early went out to the car 45 minutes before my first pick up - which was only 5 mins away

Got the end of the road, turnd right - car skidded and just slipped back down the very slight hill and im stuck at the bottom frantically trying to get jobs booked :(

Cant see how im going to shift my car other than to line the whole of the road with something lol

Lifes a bitch





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OP...you are a taxi driver?

I think as someone who uses their car a lot perhaps you should invest in some Winter tyres?

Or perhaps try out those tyre socks for the car?
AutoSock/Auto Sock.The Textile wheel cover for Driving in Ice and Snow.Auto Socks get you Home!
50 odd quid you cannot go wrong IMO

Winter Tyres really do help as driving in Switzerland with them makes a big difference...although they do clear their roads much better!


Just got a pair of these socks on Monday, as I was so hacked off last winter lurching around on untreated side roads. Not had to use them yet (touchwood), but expecting a lot of snow in East Lancs/West Yorks today. I asked my local tyre centre about winter tyres and he couldn't find a single set anywhere :-(

But sympathies to the OP. Hindsight is a wonderful thing.


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hindsight is a wonderfull thing isnt it lol.
gona deffo take a look at the socks - had i managed to work today they would of paid for themselves within an hour and a half :(


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Might as well say damn the sun, it is winter, what do you expect.

Did you get out of bed the wrong side ?

i do damn the sun at times - when its nice and low blinding you etc - though its a damn sight easier to put a pair of sunglasses on than to stop your car sliding backwards down a hill.

Just to reiterate - ive been driving 20+ years, i was prepared as i could of been - had all the right stuff in the car, had placed the car on carpet so i could get traction and knew my route etc - what i didnt account for was the prat who parked directly opposite the end of my road meaning the turn i had to make in thick snow and ice was more severe than it would ussualy have been, which led to the car skidding, slowing down, and losing traction and my eventual helpless slip to the bottom of the hill.

As a point -later in the day i took the wifes Ka out of the estate the same way - the dude wasnt parked there and i drove straight round, kept the speed up and the traction up and made it up the hill with no probs


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Have you considered that he maybe didn't want to park there? I've left my car two or three times [-]dumped[/-] parked this week. It took me 2 hours to shift it 4 ft to a decent parking position.

My neighbour was on about the sock things today but he says the ones he needs are sold out.

If I was a pro driver, I would definitely be looking at winter tyres after last year but this present spell has caught everyone out, so you're right.

Damn the snow (although it's got me another day at home before going back to work :D)


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Have you considered that he maybe didn't want to park there? I've left my car two or three times [-]dumped[/-] parked this week. It took me 2 hours to shift it 4 ft to a decent parking position.
there was nowt else on the road - or his drive and it was right outside his house - just ignorant parking unfortunatly - he often parks there but without the snow its not such a huge issue

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