Damn Philips digisender VL1200

Discussion in 'Home Cinema Control & Remote Controls' started by CJacko, Aug 27, 2004.

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    Damn im getting so annoyed.

    Sky is sent to each bedroom via the coaxial ariel cable - this means mono sound.

    I bought the Philips VL1200 from argos in order to be able to control sky and also have stereo, crystal clear picture etc

    No matter what I do (move reciever cm by cm, move transmitter etc...) I get great picture and great sound... BUT every couple of minutes i get a loud flicker of the picture and cracking in the sound for a second. Damn annoying.

    As I have tried everything, I resorted to just use the digisender as a method of controlling sky, though watching sky in mono via the coaxial aerial.

    6months later and i NEED stereo. Please help with any ideas/suggestions/advice

    (note: reciever is located anywhere on or around second tv. transmitter cannot be placed above the sky box, therefore the I.R extender cord is used.
    also maybe of interest. No matter where I place the transmitter, the red led (signal detector is always pulsing, not too sure why (pulses dimly picking up a signal??!)

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