Damn irritating problem! 🙈


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Bit of an odd problem here. I am having a problem with my Pioneer PLX 1000 decks x2. They are set perfectly with anti skate and track force, but every time I play a new record it never plays the same again, as in it doesn’t play level again, goes quieter in one channel. New needles and carts put on today, still the problem persists? Any ideas? Thanks.


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This is the same problem on both turntables? Either same wrong setting on both, or the problem perhaps lies elsewhere.

Which cartridge and mixer / audio interface are you using (any software application involved)?

If only on one turntable, then that more obviously points to a setup or cable issue on that turntable so check connections to cartridge and check the RCA cables. May be worth checking and working through a a good setup video on youtube (there are loads) just to be sure everything is setup correctly on both.

If it were a Technics deck that I would suggest check the horizontal weight control if it has one but I don't think that deck has such a control. I am not familiar with Pioneer decks but it looks like close SLK12x0 copy which I am familiar with (have a pair of SL1210M5G decks still).

I assume you are using a heavier tracking DJ cartridge (2.5-4g), but if not and you using a light tracking force hi-fi cartridge (>2g) then I find the anti skating dial can be a hit or miss on some DJ orientated decks and it can be worth balancing by ear or using a test tone record and a stereo level meter to finely set the anti-skating.


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Since it's happening on two decks, I'd guess that something is wrong further along the chain (phone amp, integrated amp). First thing to do therefore is to check where the issue lies.

Switching the LEFT and RIGHT RCA leads on the phono input. If the channel differences stay on the same channel, it's the amplification, if it changes to the other channel, it is indeed the TT's.

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